About us

Family owned and operated with over 10 years combined experience in pet care. Deanna and Maureen founders of Fuzzy Wuzzy Petsitters all were naturally drawn to the industry at a very young age. They’ve cared for all types of pets from hamsters to birds, bunnies and fish. Of course, they all have shared an amazing love for dogs and cats owning ten pets among themselves all of which have been cared for with all the love and attention needed to produce a happy, healthy pet for life.

Animals can sense the kindness in humans and it is definitely present in the way all animals respond to Deanna and Maureen. You can rest easily when your loving pets are in the hands of Fuzzy Wuzzy Petsitters…..

 Licensed, Bonded and Insured through Petsitters International (PSI/petsit.com)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Petsitters is the total package in pet care as outlined in the services we provide.

  • We are proud members of Petsitters International(PSI)

  • We volunteer for:

  • Horses and the Handicap

  • Tri-County Humane Society

  • All of our pet sitters are Certified in Pet First-aid and CPR



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